Yamaha MG10XU Review


The Yamaha MG10XU is a small mixer, but the difference between it and just an average mixer is that it has a USB out so it can replace a USB interface for small streaming setups.

The Yamaha has a couple of really cool features, first of all, it has four mic preamps, all of which have plus 48 phantom power.

Phantom Power means you can plug in a condenser microphone into preamps and they all have a high-pass filter.

The high pass filter cuts out below 80 Hertz, and they also have different gain values depending on the type of preamp that you need, it’ll bring it up to level.

The mic preamps are called deep freeze, and we think they provide a very reasonable sound.



Yamaha MG10XU 10-Input Stereo Mixer with Effects

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On the first two channels, you have a compressor; it doesn’t have a compressor on any of the other ones, there is also a 0 to 10 compression ratio.

The main reason you’d want this instead of having a MIDI interface is because of its 3 band EQ,

The 3 band EQ is analog, so you can change out your EQ as you speak to your chat, you get a better signal while you’re mixing in music. The EQ has high, mid, and low modes.

The EQ is excellent, and the best thing against it is the compressor.

Audio FX

The Yamaha also has 24 FX, we don’t think these FX are excellent, but they are different.

There’s only 24 FX, on other models you might have up to a 100 plus FX.

The parameter knob next to the FX doesn’t necessarily change the volume; it changes the intensity of the effect; if you turn the parameter up, you change the volume of the reverb.

At the bottom of the mixer, you have your gain levels, and two of those channels with the compressor.

You also have two that have mic preamps and five to ten basic line ins, so you’d need to use left and right if you had a stereo input.

Stereo Mix

You also have stereo out, your main left and right, you have a headphone jack, a footswitch so that you can turn the effects off and on.

We’re happy with the sound we’re getting out of my microphones during streaming. We’re also delighted with the compressor and preamp.

The biggest downfall of the Yamaha is that it only has one output, and it has one channel output.

If you’re using two microphones at the same time, they’d both go into the same stereo Channel, now you can split them left and right, but then they become mono.

Overall, the Yamaha MG10XU is a robust mixer for new twitch streamers. It offers enough simplicity to help streamers get into audio mixing.


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