Webaround Portable Green Screen Review


The original WebAround was a blue circular disc that fit on the back of your chair, and it was something that we were using to do chroma key during Twitch streaming.

Overall, the blue WebAround worked great, but blue is a standard color, and that restricted what we could wear during streaming. Generally speaking, you want your chroma key color to be unique.

The new green screen WebAround works a little bit better, and it has to do with the way the light reflects off of the green disc.

Since green is a little bit of a lighter color, the green screen doesn’t go as dark in darker lighting, which means the green screen effect shows up well when you’re streaming on a platform like Twitch.

The bright color of the WebAround is especially useful for streamers that don’t have the best lighting, as is the case with most new Twitch streamers.


Webaround Portable

Webaround Portable Webcam Background, 56″ (Chroma Key Green)

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The green WebAround is larger than it looks in its pictures, it’s big enough to cover most of your background, while also giving you enough room to move around.

We used the WebAround while streaming, we found it did not crop out too much of our frame, and the firmness of the green screen material ensured that there were no shadows on it.

The WebAround is the most budget-friendly option for streamers that don’t want to spend too much money. One drawback is that you will need to have a gaming chair that can equip it.

For Small Room

If a portable green screen is something that you’re looking for, or you don’t have a lot of room as we do and you want something you can pull out and pop on your chair and use it to stream on Twitch, the WebAround is ideal.

One suggestion that we can give for this green screen is to also have a taller rectangular one that is in a different color. A rectangular green screen would offer more room to move around.

During streaming the WebAround green screen chroma keys exceptionally well. We have some decent lighting, but not professional by any means. The gameplay during streaming displays sharply behind us, without grain.

One problem we found is if you turn your chair a certain way, the green screen effect will get undone, and the viewer will see your background. One thing you have to be aware of is how much you swivel your chair.

The main problem is that the WebAround green screen is circular, and twisting your chair causes significant distortion. A rectangular, chair green screen would not have this problem.

When you do your green screen cropping correctly in OBS, you can get rid of the edges 98% of the time, but if you’re playing a game, you may still unknowingly swivel your chair a little bit.

Overall, the WebAround green screen is built with high-quality materials; the green screen material is exceptionally easy to chroma key in OBS because it doesn’t cast any shadows.

Cheap Green Screen

The WebAround is also the cheapest option out of all the green screens we’ve seen. So if you don’t want to invest too much into your streaming set up, giving this green screen a try is a good idea.

One more special thing about the WebAround is that you don’t need particularly good lighting, as the total green screen surface area is quite small and highly reflective.

The WebAround is a high-quality green screen that’s also budget-friendly. It’s easy to use for streamers with no experience with green screens and delivers professional quality chroma key.


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