Emart Green Screen Kit Review


The green screen kit comes with four poles rubber-banded together, and you pretty much connect them one by one. With the poles, you’ll make two tall stands, and join the top with a pole.

And then you will take the huge green screen and drape it over the top pole. The green screen is also large enough to cover the floor so that you can have full body shots.

One thing we’d like to mention is never to wear shoes on the green screen. Your shoes will get the green screen completely dirty, and the chroma key will not work once you get dirt on it.

If you must walk on the green screen, wear clean socks, clean feet, clean slippers, but do not step on this with dirty feet.

The green screen mostly covers the whole body. The dimensions are 6 feet by 9 feet, but much of the verticle portion of the green screen is on the ground.


Emart Green Screen

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You have about 5 feet by 5 feet of hanging green screen you can use during streaming. For most streaming setups, this will be more than enough room.

The included lighting in this green screen kit comes as these two light bulbs that screw into an included light socket.

Includes Lights

The Emart green screen kit also has two umbrellas: and the giant fluorescent light bulbs are 500 watts and daylight balanced to 5500 Kelvin.

You can plug both of the included lights into the same outlet. So you can set up these lights in the same room as your streaming set up. The low power requirements make these lights easy to use during streaming.

The included light stands are double risers, they go pretty high, and they open like a regular baby stand. You pull out the legs, and then you drop it down, and then you can use the stand with your green screen.

One thing we would like to note is that the lights are very heavily diffused because of the umbrella. Unfortunately, there is no lens, so the lights are not focusable.

The included light umbrellas are giant and open-faced, so in your streaming room, there will be white light everywhere bouncing off of the ceiling, and bouncing off the walls.

When using a green screen, it’s essential to have even lighting, so the included lighting in this Emart kit does achieve that even lighting, although the exact lighting will depend on your streaming set up.

Overall the lights create an excellent feel in your room. There is exploding light everywhere, which is not a terrible thing. We’re very impressed with the included lighting.

Need to Stretch

There is an issue we found: there is no way of keeping the green screen under tension. Green screens need to be under stress so that there are no shadows cast that can mess up chroma key.

We resorted to using water bottles and placing them on the corners to keep the green screen tight and under tension. Again, it is essential to keep a green screen tight so that OBS can do chroma key well.

The included stands do seem a little thin, and we’re worried about them breaking. On the other hand, the stands are very lightweight and easy to move.

Everything else seems to be of decent quality; the lights, the umbrellas, the actual fabric of the green screen is made out of what appears to be satisfactory quality.

Green Screen Kit

Once everything in the kit is set up, the green screen kit seems sturdy enough, but each piece alone feels a little cheap. This kit should be more than enough for streamers starting in Twitch.

We wish the entire structure of the green screen were more sturdy. If you’re a clumsy streamer, you may knock everything over and mess up your computer.

Overall, this entire kit is excellent for new Twitch streamers. The green screen kit comes with everything you’ll need, from high-quality lighting, stands, and the green screen itself.

One thing that we do suggest is buying number two clamps; they’re basically like giant clothespins, you can get them at any hardware.

You should take those number two clamps and attach them to the edges of the green screen. The clamps will remove any wrinkles in the green screen and make you look more professional on stream.


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