Asus TUF FX505 Review


The Asus TUF is sporting a brand-new AMD Ryzen 73750 H, an eight-thread CPU running at 2.3 gigahertz base clock, and it can turbo up to four gigahertz.

Having that turbo boost is vital for streaming games from this laptop.
With the right power draw and thermals, the 73750 H turbo applies to all four physical cores.

AMD turbo is very different from Intel’s technology, which results in only one to two cores boosting.

The TUF has a 15.6 inch 120Hz IPS display running a full HD resolution which is 1920 by 1080 pixels.


ASUS TUF (2019) Gaming Laptop

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It is smart of Asus to pair the display with a 4-gigabyte GTX 1650 video card because an integrated GPU wouldn’t do the refresh rate justice.

Livestream Ready

Asus added an integrated graphics card to this streaming laptop; it’s not entirely disabled, it automatically detects the graphical workload and assigns the most suitable GPU for the job, this will help with thermals and battery life.

Inside the laptop, there’s an empty 2.5-inch drive bay for all your additional SSD hard drive needs.

Out-of-the-box you get 8 gigabytes of RAM running at 2666 megahertz, the great news is there’s one available slot if you choose to do a RAM upgrade, which by the way is easy to access after you remove a few screws from the bottom housing.

When it comes to streaming on a laptop, you can never have enough RAM.

Let’s move on to some real-world performance, a cold boot into the user login screen is a mere 12 seconds, we logged in and restarted the computer, which is also known as a warm boot, and we’re able to get into login screen in an average of 20 seconds.

Streaming Wi-Fi Card

With the five gigahertz Wi-Fi connection, you’re able to fully load Netflix and YouTube home pages within 3 to 5 seconds; we also made sure the websites weren’t cached in our browser.

We think the Wi-Fi card will provide great upload for streaming onto Twitch.

When it comes to laptop gaming, this TUF laptop is considered an entry-level streaming machine; we had time to stream a few of our favorite games and see if we can have 120 FPS to match up with the 120 Hertz monitor.

In Overwatch, we were able to achieve an average of 89FPS.

Next, we jumped into Apex Legends, where we achieved an average of 80 FPS on high and 89 on low.

If you want to achieve silky smooth 120 fps, and match the 120 Hertz refresh rate, you may want to consider a secondary RAM stick to get dual-channel support.

Ideal Laptop Battery

We’re impressed with the battery performance on this laptop, and with the included power adapter.

The power adapter is not too big or bulky at 0.9lb; it manages to fully charge his laptop in an hour and a half from a completely dead battery.

Not bad considering all most all laptops in this range are quite a bit slower.

We did a couple of real-world tests to see how long the battery life lasted.

First, we wanted to know how video playback would affect battery life; we were again on our five gigahertz wireless network, we streamed Netflix, with 50% screen brightness and no keyboard backlight, we managed to get 4 hours and 28 minutes out of the Asus TUF before it died.

Two Integrated Graphics Cards

During streaming the GTX 1650 was not under load whatsoever, instead a hundred percent of the graphical data was sent only to integrated GPU, the Asus handles streaming with no issues.

On to design and portability, the TUF weights 4.73 pounds, this is about the average weight for 15.6-inch laptop in this category.

Asus built this with strengthened plastic; it’s conveniently rigid with a medium flex, it did well against aggressive use, Asus decided it go as far as implementing military-grade testing, so it’s capable of handling daily shock and vibration, extreme temperatures, humidity, and altitude and lastly prolong solar radiation.

The trackpad is entirely flush with a palm rest assembly, both left and right-clicked buttons are built into the trackpad, resulting in a smooth flush design, which is similar to a MacBook.

Multi-touch functions work without any hiccups, and the keyboard feels like a standard laptop keyboard, backlit with fully customizable RGB keys.

The Asus TUF 505 accomplishes something most of the ROG laptops don’t; it’s a balanced laptop with features that benefit a broad audience, especially streamers.


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