Acer Helios 300 Review


The Acer Helios 300 is a fantastic gaming laptop for streaming.

This laptop has an aluminum top surface, and an aluminum keyboard deck, the bottom panel, and the back panel is plastic, but this laptop is built well for this price point.

Acer configured this laptop with the right combination of CPU and GPU. You get a six-core 9th gen i7, and it’s a powerful CPU.

However the CPU is also under-voltage, but that’s a good thing, and it’s the reason why the temperatures on this laptop are nice and cool.


Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop

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The GPU is also pretty kick-ass, it’s the GTX 1660ti, and you can run any game you throw on at, and this is going to run quite well.

If you’re streaming competitive shooters, and you drop the graphic settings on it, you’ll be able to hit the maximum frame rate on the screen.

144Hz IPS Screen

The screen on the Helios 300 is 144 hertz with a 3ms response time, which is probably an optimistic measurement, but it’s a high-speed screen.

If you’re used to 60-hertz screens, this 144-hertz panel is a sweet treat, it’s reasonably bright, but screens are areas where companies often skimp on.

The refresh rate is how many times an image changes within a second, and it affects how smooth video is, you can learn more about monitor refresh rates here.

Quiet Cooling

Let’s talk about thermal performance, this machine has fantastic thermals, in part due to the under-volt CPU but it also has a tremendous thermal system.

The Acer has two fans, and the thermals are good enough that it can maintain a boost clock if you’re running it on turbo mode.

Keep in mind that the fans are quite loud in turbo mode, but you get excellent performance.

We wish there was better software fan control, and we think there should be more profile to adjust your fans more precisely.

A Lot of Ports

The ports on this laptop are 2 USB-As, 1 USB-C, and the USB-C does not support Thunderbolt 3.

We feel like in 2019 we’ve fallen out of love with what thunderbolt 3 offered initially.

We liked the idea of thunderbolt 3, with the ability to connect an external GPU, but it’s just super expensive and not cost-efficient to get an external GPU.

You also get a headphone jack as well as your AC adapter hole on the left side.

We don’t like the positioning of the AC port, the AC cable gets super-hot, and that can’t be great for things.

The speakers on the laptop are located on the bottom, and they sound okay, we don’t particularly love them.

You can open the chassis of the Helios 300 and inside you have access to your RAM slots, SSD slots, as well as your 2.5-inch HDD.

Battery Life

You also have access to your Wi-Fi card as well as a tiny battery. The laptop has a very short battery life, and we’re getting around four hours of battery life.

Fortunately, the AC adapter is not gigantic, so if you do need to bring this around, it’s a relatively small power supply.

The battery life will require the AC adapter if you travel.

Stiff Keyboard

The Acer has an excellent keyboard, and we think a lot of people will enjoy it, it feels roomy, it’s like there’s no border on it.

The whole keyboard is solid, and our configuration does have backlighting, it does not have RGB lighting; it only has this whitish-blue light.

The trackpad has a plastic surface, you have to press the buttons harder than we’d like, but it’s still a solid trackpad using windows precision drivers.

For $1200 you’re getting a lot more with this laptop than a lot of competing laptops, which makes this one of the best laptops for streaming.


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