Stream Bitrate Calculator – Max Twitch Bitrate

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This calculator calculates the maximum bitrate you should stream at depending on your upload speed.

Make sure you do a speed test before you use the calculator. We recommend .


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Maximum Bitrate

Your bitrate is one of the most critical aspects of your stream. It controls what resolution your can stream at, as well as your maximum FPS.

The bitrate is also the most significant factor in your overall stream quality. You can have the best CPU on the market, but if your bitrate is too low, your quality will never be great.

The calculator take your upload speed in Mbps as input and outputs the maximum bitrate your internet connection can support.

How to Use Calculation

After you find out your maximum bitrate, navigate in your streaming software to the bitrate settings, for example, in OBS this option is in the output tab.

Use Constant Bit Rate

You’ll notice an option near your bitrate setting called Rate Control. The rate control setting controls how your bitrate behaves.

By default, most streaming software uses variable bitrate or VBR. Usually, variable bitrate, as the name intends, causes your bitrate to change while streaming.

A variable bitrate produces bad quality streams overall and leads to pixelation.

By using a constant bitrate or CBR, your stream maintains the same bitrate throughout the stream. CBR leads to higher quality streams, and much less pixelation.

How it Works

We recommend using only 80% of your upload speed for streaming. By using only 80%, you have enough leftover upload to play your multiplayer game, and avoid any dropped frames.

First, we convert your upload speed from Mbps to Kbps. And then we take 80% of your converted upload speed and display that value as your maximum bitrate.

The calculation is pretty simple, but you’ll be surprised what beginner streamers get recommended online.


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