How to Get Viewers, Followers, Subscribers on Twitch – Ultimate Guide


Now more than ever, it seems like everyone wants to try streaming, and that’s a great thing. And they all ask the same question, “how to get followers on twitch”, today we’re going to tell you how to get everything, followers, viewers, and subscribers.

We love that we have more people trying to join the gaming space but the thing that actually separates people from succeeding on Twitch, and the people who don’t, is that they approach it all with a good structure.

Create a Plan for Growth

You can’t just grow with whatever you’re trying to do without actually thinking through a plan on how you want to build your audience and this article is going to be a guide on how you can get started and build your stream from the ground up.

We do want to say that we don’t know all the answers, but we do think we’ve gotten pretty far for ourselves, so we thought we’d share some of the tips that we’ve learned along the way.

We truly think this can be one of the best articles for people who are looking for advice on how to get started with streaming.

Don’t Start with Unrealistic Expectations

Something we always mention for people who are starting out on Twitch, and that’s that you can’t just start off aiming way too high because then you’re just putting yourself in a position to let yourself down in the future,

we know that there are a lot of people who work really well by putting themselves under that kind of pressure, but in reality, most people don’t so what we’re saying is try setting some short term goals for yourself.

You don’t want to try aiming for a thousand viewers average right off the bat.

You should probably aim for being able to hold, maybe 10 viewers and then move on to 20, and then 50 and then 75 and then just keeping working your way up,

Aim for modest Increases in Viewers

if you do it that way, then you’re not going to be discouraged because you’re not at a thousand yet, but instead, you’ll more than likely be motivated because you’re that much closer to your short term goal whether it be from going to 50 viewers to 75 viewers.

Basically, what we’re saying is, you won’t get an audience just overnight, and we’re sure you already know that things that almost never happen. It’s insanely rare, so you need to make sure to manage your expectations.

Trust us; we know how dumb of a tip that sounds like, but we wanted to start off with that one because after being in the scene for so long, we can promise you that it’s one of the biggest reasons why so many creators end up failing on Twitch,

the reason why is because they expect too much and they never put themselves in the position to actually go through the grind and the hustle to get to where they want to be so they just end up giving up.

Build an Audience on Youtube First Then Twitch

Now, this next tip is something that we always mention whenever we go live on Twitch, or whatever streaming platform you prefer. We know for a fact a lot of people who aren’t truly about this grind are going to hate us for saying it but honestly, you just do not start streaming right away.

The reason that we say that is, let’s say you’re a brand new streamer on Twitch, right? So absolutely no one knows who you are, so you’re literally starting from zero followers, zero subs, zero everything.

That means you’re going to be in a huge pool of streamers with zero viewers watching you and we all know how Twitch works.

Whenever you go to a category or a specific game, the Twitch page is presented to the viewer in chronological order of the people who have the most viewers at that time.

It’s Impossible to Get Noticed as a New Twitch Streamer

So, now you have to think about it. If you’re a random Twitch user looking for someone to watch, you’re probably not going to want to spend a bunch of minutes scrolling consistently down all the way to the bottom of the Twitch page just to find someone with zero viewers to watch.

You’ll either end up clicking someone in the first few rows, or maybe scroll down just a bit, then find someone you enjoy watching.

To combat this, we would say the first thing is to make a YouTube channel, make a Twitch channel, make a Twitter, even an Instagram and we know a ton of people who try doing YouTube or Twitch; they don’t even use these social media for some reason.

Honestly, that’s a huge mistake. Those are the four main social media that almost every big streamer uses and posts on so it’s obvious that it’s working and it’s definitely something you should do if you haven’t already started doing so.

Now the thing that we already mentioned about Twitch is how hard it is to get noticed when you’re first starting out because you’re already so far down at the bottom.

Chances for Discoverability are way Higher

And the thing that’s different about Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube is that you’re chances for discoverability are way higher because of things you tags, your descriptions, your titles, your hashtags.

Those tools that we just mentioned right now help people with even 10 subscribers rank higher than someone with one million subscribers.

So when you make all of those social medias, your Twitter, your Twitch, you Instagram, all that stuff, the thing you need to do is start pushing out content immediately.

And you always hear bigger content creators talk about it, but content truly is king. Some people ave this perception that if you upload normal gameplay videos or something of you playing and that’s it, you’ll end up growing a ton, by now, everyone should know that barely anyone’s going to be able to grow because who’s going to want to watch a small creator’s gameplay video?

Especially if they can just go and watch a bigger creator, or a bigger streamer’s gameplay video, who’s probably better at the game, anyways.

The best way to grow in the gaming scene, and we know for a fact that it works is because we’ve helped a ton of our viewers with this, and we’ve even helped some of our friends with this, is to make instructional videos or really just videos that can be used in the long run.

These kinds of videos can be guides, and an example of this is the weekly Fortnite challenges that come out because the people who upload those videos every week are the how-to videos on how to complete a challenge.

They pull easily thousands of views every single week, and some of them only have like, 10 subscribers.

You can Even do Tips and Tricks Videos

You can even do tips and tricks videos, and if you want a Fortnite example, you can do a video on how to win with whatever new gun comes out every other week.

They’re always releasing new guns. You can make a video on how to build faster, you can make a video on how to win build battles. Even Fortnite late game strategies.

There’s literally a ton of stuff that you can make content on, but the thing is, you need to actually take the time to sit down and think about the things that a normal viewer would actually be searching up on YouTube.

And now through doing that, you should be able to build a small audience around you.

And we know we’re using Fortnite as an example, but literally whatever game you want to build an audience around, do it for that game. Think what a normal viewer for that game would be searching up on YouTube and make videos that would actually meet that demand.

Build a Small YouTube Following

So now by doing that consistently, you should have been able to actually build a small YouTube following, and you can do the same thing or similar things on Twitter and Instagram, as well.

And you can post how-to clips of you playing your game on Instagram or on Twitter and whenever you do that, just use a ton of hashtags so that you have a chance of showing up higher in other people’s searches and just make sure that whenever you are doing that, post your link and Tweet your Instagram post, just so that people know that you’re going to start streaming soon, or whenever that may be.

And the same thing applies to YouTube, too. In those descriptions, make sure you link your stream and even mention it in the video, if you want.

One thing we do want to quickly say is that if you just upload content and expect a ton of people to actually watch it without using those hashtags on Twitter and Instagram, or without doing tags and everything else on YouTube, then you’re literally just setting yourself up for failure.

Trust us. There’s literally almost no chance that your livestream will be able to grow without using those things in the beginning.

So now through doing this for a while, and all through these social media, and always looking off to your Twitch or whatever streaming you use, ideally you should have been able to build up some sort of a following on those platforms and, of course that’s only going to happen if you did everything right.

By that we mean, as long as you didn’t get lazy and you kept pushing out good content that people would be searching for and things that and you used all of the tools you had available to you, your thumbnails, your hashtags, your tags, your titles, descriptions, all that stuff. That’s going to help you out tremendously.

Anyway, back to that talk about small audiences.

At Least a Couple of People Watching You

So once you’ve been able to do that for a while you should have been able to build a small following across your social media and because of that you won’t have to worry about having random viewers have to scroll all the way down on Twitch to find your zero viewer stream because you’re already going to have at least a couple of people watching you.

And the reason that you have a couple of people watching you is that you were able to benefit from discoverability off of YouTube, your Twitter, your Instagram by using the tags, descriptions, and all those things we already just mentioned a couple of seconds ago.

One thing we do want to mention before we do forget, and don’t worry if you don’t know how to edit, or use thumbnails, or make thumbnails, or anything because there are thousands of tutorials,

and even we make some of them ourselves that you can just sit down and watch on YouTube, and they’ll teach you how to make a thumbnail from scratch, how to make a thumbnail without Photoshop, how to edit videos, how to learn how to edit videos, how to do fades, how to make a montage, all those things.

People have already made those videos on YouTube, so don’t worry about not knowing how to do that.

We didn’t how to do that when we first started out. Ninja didn’t know how to do that when he started, or literally anyone. You name it. No one knew how to do it straight from the bat. They all started off from zero, and they learned along the way.

Grow Some Sort of a Following

Anyway, after being active for so long on your social medias and being active in the community, you should have ideally been able to grow some sort of a following.

And by being active in the community, what we mean is you look up small streamer discord servers or follow a bunch of other small streamers who play the same games as you play.

Just do your best to actually get yourself out there and meet new people because that’s only going to help you in the long run. And when you meet new people, you’ll gain more of an audience and things that. You’ll help each other grow, is what we’re trying to say.

We know for a fact a ton of people are typing in the comments that they’ve been making a ton of content for so long and they’ve been doing everything that we’ve said for a long time and they’re still not getting any traction or any viewers.

The thing that we have to say to that is that you’re either just not using the tools provided to you the efficient way; your tags, your hashtags, your titles, your descriptions, your thumbnails, all that good stuff, or honestly, your content just might suck.

Evaluate Your Content

Sometimes it helps to hear that. Really take a step back and evaluate your content and compare it to maybe a bigger content creator. Is your content up to par with how it should be?

Would you say that you would watch your content over your favorite YouTuber, or something that? And if the answer is no, then you have to work on it. That’s the reason you’re not growing.

It’s because you’re not making good content. It’s literally as simple as that, but sometimes, a lot of people don’t realize it right away that you have to take a step back and actually judge yourself.

We do that at least once a month. we take a step back, watch some of our older videos, and see how we can improve ourselves, and we try to work on that as we make a new video.

Trust us, we know what it’s to put in work for a long time and not get any results, but try switching it up or watching other people you and see what makes their content better so that you can be inspired to make upgrades, as well.

Anyway, moving on to the actual streaming part of it, and we know we keep talking about it, but ideally, you should have built a small audience by now.

Don’t Force Yourself to do a Six-Hour-Long Stream

What we would do from here is just start streaming but don’t force yourself to do a six-hour-long stream or something like that straight off the bat.

Don’t even do a six-hour stream even if you’re going to be playing for six hours.

At most, we would do maybe two-hour streams per day on a consistent schedule for at least maybe somewhere between three to five days.

If you can do it every day of the week then definitely do it, but we think three to five is great for someone who is just starting out on Twitch, or YouTube, or whatever it may be.

Do two-hour Streams a Day

And the reason we’re saying to just do two hour streams a day, even if you’re going to be playing for six hours, is because if you try pushing those six-hour streams, or really anything more than two hours, your basically wasting your time spent when you could have been making and uploading quality content that maybe even hundreds, if not thousands of people would have actually ended up watching.

Realistically speaking, those six-hour streams are probably only going to have like, five to 10 people watching since you’re just starting out.

Instead of pushing out those long streams, we said before; you could be making YouTube videos that probably hundreds of people would end up watching because you’ll be able to use the things like, your tags, your descriptions, your thumbnails, and all those things.

We know we keep saying it, and we sound like a broken record but trust us, that’s how everyone blows up on YouTube. They use those tools to their advantage.

Once more, a way to grow your stream is by, first of all, of course mentioning it on your YouTube and your Instagram, or your Twitter, when you’re about to go live and giving the viewers an incentive to actually stop by and watch it.

So an example that you could actually do personally, and we do this sometimes is that we’ll actually play with the viewers who stop by during our streams.

Get People Hooked on to Your Content

Another thing is you can say that you’ll be talking to everyone in the chat who stops by and another great way to get people hooked on to your content is through random giveaways and there but we think those are insanely iffy.

The reason why we say that is because if you’re able to get people hooked on to your content through these random giveaways then honestly that’s perfect but if your entire channel is based on doing a giveaway every single day, and something that, in the hopes of trying to get people to actually stop by and subscribe, then you need to realize that those people are probably not going to come back when you’re not doing a giveaway.

Trust us, that can be incredibly frustrating because you can have a ton of inactive subscribers who are just not clicking on your streams and you have no one else to blame, but yourself for that situation so use them as a way to test the waters. Use giveaways as a way to test your water.

Maybe do a 10 dollar V-bucks giveaway every other week, or something that, just to test the waters but don’t build your whole channel around it.

One last thing we do want to mention, and this is something that’s helped us grow our following a ton for being a streamer and YouTuber, and it’s going to help out a ton of small streamers and small creators, as well.

Talk to Literally Every Single Viewer

When you’re a small creator, one thing you need to actually realize and put it in your brain is that you can talk to literally every single person who comments on your videos, who message you on Twitter, on Instagram, or even talk to you on your live chat and you literally have the ability and have the advantage, to be more personal with your audience and that makes people want to keep coming back.

We know a lot of our viewers and a lot of our subscribers on a really good personal basis. And we know that we love watching streamers who actually talk with their chat because we feel we belong there when they actually notice us talking in the chat.

If we’re able to talk with our chat when we have over a hundred or however many viewers consistently watching and talking in chat, then you shouldn’t be missing any comments or messages while you’re streaming. Or literally anything either.

So Twitter messages, you should be responding to all of them. Your YouTube comments, your Instagram D.M.s, your live chat, literally everything. Respond to it, even if they’re just saying hi, say hi back, things that.

It’s going to help a ton, it’s going to make them want to actually keep coming back and watch your content.

Respond to Every Single Comment

We still go and respond to every single comment we get on our video, through at least the first week that it’s uploaded.

Of course, if you’re someone like Ninja, Tfue, Pokimane, or whoever, et cetera, their chat’s moving so fast that they can only respond to some of the messages that they actually see.

Whereas, people like you and us, we should be able to respond to most of the messages that we see.

Basically, what we’re trying to say through this tangent is, don’t try acting too cool to talk to your viewers because bigger creators don’t do it.

It’s literally how they got big in the first place. When they were smaller, they talked to every single person in their chat, they built that personal connection, and that’s how they got bigger.

So, just because they don’t do that now, doesn’t mean that you should also not talk to your chat, as well. That’s basically what we’re trying to say.

When we were a smaller Twitch streamer, we’re not saying we’re that big by any means, but when we were way smaller, we would go to our creator’s studio on YouTube, we’d go to view all of our comments that we got for that day, and we’d respond to every single one that we got.

It was a perfect setup. we’d go on Spotify, turn up some Drake or whatever we wanted to listen to on our music and put on our headphones and just respond to every single comment when we had our free time.

It was an advantage that we had at the time because we didn’t get as many comments as we do now but, when you do stuff that, the viewers truly do appreciate you that much more, and they’ll want to come back because they know that you’re going to at least see their comment and actually probably even respond to that.

Build Friendships

And honestly guys, we’re not even kidding. we made a ton of friendships with people who were once just our viewers on YouTube.

We’d go and respond to them whenever they talked to us on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube comments. Whatever you want to name, we’d always talk with them, and it ended up building a good friendship with them.

Now some of them, we talk with them on a daily basis on Discord, some of them we actually play Fortnite with everyday.

That’s how we built a lot of the friendships that we have today. So trust us, being active with your community is going to help you out more than it’s going to hurt you. We promise.


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