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Security while streaming is essential in today’s world. To stop yourself from getting doxxed you need to invest in a VPN. We’ve found the best VPN for streaming to be NordVPN, you can see our in-depth review below.

Today we’re going to take you through the honest review of the service. We’re going to quickly reevaluate the VPN in the five categories based on importance to give Nord a score out of five, four stars being the recommending mark.

After scoring, we’re going to see all the changes they’ve made to the service to see if they’re heading in the right direction. Let’s get right into it.

Servers in Secure Locations

To save your time with security, their jurisdiction is in Panama outside the 14 Eyes, and they hit all the good marks in our review process offering some of the best security standards.

We have updated our review process to require a full system-wide kill switch, which Nord didn’t offer it in our last review. But they’ve finally released one, so great work there dodging the scoring.

We re-ran the DNS leak tests, and checked for any compromises or potential sketchy behavior from the service, and couldn’t find anything.

A major update is that NordVPN has begun accepting the anonymous cryptocurrency Monero, which is just huge news for people looking for an easy, truly anonymous way to pay, and encouraging us to separate privacy and security in our review process into two separate categories.

Leave your thoughts on that in the comment below. Bringing it all together, Nord sticks to their guns with the five out of five stars on security.

It truly is one of the most private and secure services out there at the time of writing this article. Speed on NordVPN has also been retested.

High Uploads Speeds

Downloads dropped by an average of 6%, uploads dropped by an average of 5% which is great for streaming, and ping dropped by an average of 16 milliseconds.

As for P2P testing, still five out of five, it’s one of the fastest VPNs online.

We really can’t complain, or find anything to complain about. Settings and customization have always been Nord’s weakness, so we can complain about this section because they look for a minimal and simplistic experience, which for many of you is a good thing.

But from the viewpoint of somebody who wants to be able to customize a VPN connection, Nord will definitely limit you.

We gave them three stars in our last six-month update, and things still haven’t changed a bit, so they’re going to stay at three stars out of five for not really adding any customization to the program.

Easy to Use UI

Usage is where we can really give our experiences using Nord, especially since we’ve been using this as our daily VPN for over a year now.

Windows still has an amazing interface, so if you use OBS to stream, you’ll have a great time. Some complaints, Nord doesn’t show the location of their servers, which is something that’s really nice to know.

It’s not super necessary, and you can always do a lookup, but there have been multiple occasions where we wanted to know the location of a server right away, and they simply don’t offer this.

On top of that, we don’t know why, but connecting to a server on Windows recently has been taking a long time. It used to be super quick, and now we’ll find ourselves waiting at least 15 seconds.

Outside of those nitpicks, usage on Windows has always been pretty solid for us. Mac OS offers nearly the same experience as Windows, but there are slight differences, but the program overall does feel exactly the same like Windows. It’s just a little bit more polished.

NordVPN still doesn’t offer a Linux client, which is something we’ll continue to fight for. But most streamers don’t use Linux

This forces you to download hundreds of profiles from their website and manually connect to them using open VPN, which is a total hassle if you’re a Linux user.

Android is absolutely flawless. You have a good set of settings, and their notification tab, and the quick-connect notification button is so useful.

We can connect to a server within five seconds at any point in time on our phone. iOS is as good as a client that you can get on an iOS device.

Apple really restricts developers when it comes to VPN features and customization. It does occasionally have trouble reconnecting when connecting and disconnecting from different networks, so that’s something that’s mildly frustrating on iOS.

Usage overall gets Nord three and a half stars out of five. We took off a full star for their lack of a Linux client, and half a star for the very, very nitpicky things on their Windows and iOS clients.

This brings their score down from the last time we reviewed them. Speaking of our last review, stability back then got Nord four and a half out of five stars for two reasons.

Great VPN Kill Switch

The first one is, if you try using the kill switch, there are lots of programs on there that are necessary for Windows to run, and when the VPN is connected, we got a blue screen error.

They shouldn’t allow you to turn off certain things for Windows, and if they did, they should make it very clear that you’re going to get a blue screen error.

So we have to take off something for stability if you’re going to a blue screen if you enable the wrong things in the kill switch.

The second very, very rare, but minor issue we’ve had with the service is, very occasionally it will disconnect from the internet, not the VPN.

That’d be a huge security issue. The first problem has been totally fixed because now they offer a full system kill switch.

No Random Disconnects

The second problem was this random VPN disconnect problem. Lots of people were also complaining about it in blog posts and even in our own comment section. So it wasn’t just us. we’re glad to hear that.

A few months after we put out the review, these disconnects stopped happening, and we’ve never had them since. We’ve also gotten no more comments about this from readers, so we are proud to announce that this seems to be fixed.

Outside of those two things, which are now fixed, we’ve had absolutely no stability issues, which is impressive considering we use it every day to stream.

Five out of five stars.

Let’s see the changes they’ve made since our last review. They “redesigned” their Android app, which there honestly wasn’t much changed, but it was a welcome change nonetheless.

They released a variant of this app, which works for users in China, which is awesome for Chinese users.

They released proxies for Chrome and Firefox, which is useful for users needing the highest speeds and only need IP masking without encryption inside of their browsers.

For Android, they got an automatic connection to WiFi networks, which is very nifty and, as always, this isn’t for iOS because Apple doesn’t allow devs to do stuff like that.

Finally, there are two unspoken updates.

First, they added Monero support, which we can’t stress enough how important that is. Offering a truly anonymous payment method is very reassuring, and we need to see more providers accepting our Monero or cash like Mullvad.

A Large Number of Servers

Second, is their server selection. Every month we check this number on their website, and it keeps getting higher and higher. So much to the point that we feel overwhelmed sometimes, and we can’t keep track of what servers we’re connecting to, so that’s actually almost a downside to it.

It’s nice to see Nord is prioritizing stability over new features, and we wish other companies would do the same.

That’s going to wrap up the review, if you’re a Twitch streamer, NordVPN is a great choice.


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