What You Need to Stream on Twitch – Professional Guide


Almost all new streamers ask the question “what do you need to stream on twitch?”, today we’ll run down the top 5 things you need to start streaming on twitch and maybe even earn some money.

We’ve put together five things that are basically essential to start streaming on Twitch, just bare-bones things that everybody should have before they even think about starting to stream on Twitch.

Before we begin, we wanted to mention that we’re going to be labeling these from the order of importance. The first one is going to be the most important, the last one is going to be the least important.

1: Extra Time

The first thing we’re going to talk about is time. Time is pretty cool, but in this case, you’re going to need a lot of it.

You’re going to need a lot of time to start streaming. When we started streaming, it was not very pretty. We streamed every day for three-ish hours our first week. we think in total, we racked up about maybe 100 views, 150 views in total. And that was just not good.

In the second week, we had a total of 600 views. We grew a lot on Twitch our second week. And that was only because we streamed so much, and people kept coming back because we were always streaming.

Our second week we would stream five hours every day, and we would have a constant 10 viewers at a time, and it was great. It was a great feeling knowing that you’re growing.

twitch amount

We didn’t stream after that second week because we eventually tired ourselves out. But if we would have streamed for that third week, we would’ve gotten so many more viewers.

You basically see where we’re going. You’re going to need a lot of time on your hands to start streaming. It’s a very time-consuming job. We know this from experience. Ask other streamers. They’ll tell you that it’s a very, very time-consuming hobby.

Or you can make a stream schedule

Now, don’t worry. If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, there’s something else you can do. You can actually make a schedule.

You’re still going to need a bit of time on your hands, but not as much as the first option. So the second option is you can make a schedule, and you can put that in the description of your stream, or you can just tell people that view your stream, your schedule.

Basically, you can just communicate with your viewers, tell them when you’re going to stream, and they might pop in. They may not pop in. But even if you do stream every day constantly, you can still make a schedule.

It’ll be very organized, and people will know when exactly you’re going to stream, and they’ll know when exactly they have to tune in. It increases viewer engagement so much.

We didn’t have a schedule, but we know streamers that do have schedules find a lot more success than streamers who don’t.

Stream at least 2 hours a day

We’d recommend at least two hours of live stream a day, or else you’re just not really going to get any viewers, because the longer you stream, the more chance there is of a person finding out about your stream.

That’s what we usually tell ourselves. So that’s what keeps us going, “Hey, one more hour. we might get a massive boost in viewers.” we wouldn’t really go for more than eight hours, because then you will just get tired and you’ll get really pissy, and people won’t want to watch you.

2: High Upload Speed

For number two, you’re going to need some pretty good internet. You’re going to need at least, We’d recommend, 10 megabits per second upload.

With your internet service, you have a download speed and you have an upload speed. The higher that is, the better your internet is basically.

We recommend the least is a 10 megabit per second upload speed. And that’s streaming at 720p, 30FPS. We’d totally recommend anything above 10 megabits per second.

Now, if you want to go below 10 megabits per second, it’s possible. You can still stream. But if you have below that, we want you to try streaming, and then come back and tell us how that went, because not only are you using your stream service to stream because streaming takes up a lot of bandwidth.

Every second that you’re streaming. You’re uploading packets and files to the internet, and that takes up a lot of bandwidth depending on what quality you’re doing.

At least 10 Mbps Upload

Also, if you’re playing an online game, that also takes up a bit of bandwidth. So not only are you streaming, but you’re also playing video games online, which takes up bandwidth, especially if people are in your house using the internet also.

It can get really busy, and your internet can get bad. Even if you have good internet and there’s a lot of people in your house using it, maybe you tell them to stop using the internet or something.

There are many variables that go into it. But bottom line, we’d recommend nothing lower than 10 megabits per second upload.

The download doesn’t really matter at all, because you’re not really downloading anything. But generally, if you have a good upload speed, then you have a good download speed.

We have one gigabit per second download and one gigabit per second upload, because we have AT&T Fiber.

You’re probably going to have nowhere near these speeds, because our speeds are not common.

3: A Good Computer

The third subject we have is your computer specs, or hardware, or equipment, any of those. Basically, you’re going to want to have good hardware, and you’re going to want to have some equipment.

We’re going to explain some minimum requirements you should have. When you go on Steam, and you look at a game, and it shows you the minimum specs you need to run the game.

That’s basically what we’re going to be doing, except for streaming. We’re going to start with the processor, and then the RAM, and then the graphics card.

Intel i5 or Above

For the processor, we’d recommend an i5, Intel i5 or above. Anything above an Intel i5 would be spectacular. An i5 will do just fine, especially the 600 series or the 700 series. You need a good CPU to encode your stream.

The 600 series is codenamed Skylake. And the 700 series is codenamed, Kaby Lake. Both of those are really good. If you can find an i5 in both of those series, then you’re golden.

twitch cpu

Some i5 processors for the Skylake are $100-$200. For Kaby Lake, they’re also $200-$300. The i7s can get really, really expensive though.

We have an i7 6700k. It’s part of the Skylake series. It works beautifully, runs everything beautifully, a great processor. We think we got it for around $300.

At Least 8GB of RAM

For RAM, there’s not really any brands we recommend because there are so many RAM brands. The minimum amount of RAM we’d recommend is 8 gigabytes.

We have 16 gigabytes of DDR4 RAM. The chances are you probably have DDR3. Before you buy the RAM, make sure you check your motherboard and see if your motherboard supports DDR4 RAM, because it might only support DDR3.

At Least a GTX 1050

For the graphics card, we kind of had trouble figuring out what the minimum you’d have. But we did some research, and we came up with the GTX 1050. Don’t go below a GTX 1050 basically, is what we’re trying to say, unless you have a 980 or a 980 Ti by Nvidia.

The Nvidia GTX 1050 is a great starter card. We recommend buying the Ti for an extra money.

The 1050 costs about $100 depending on where you buy it, and the Ti costs $130-$150. But the Ti is worth it. It has double the power basically, and it’s a very good card. You can get a GTX 1060, a 1070, or a 1080, or a 1080 Ti.

GPU for streaming

Honestly, anything above a 1070 is overkill. We have a GTX 1070 and it works fine. We’re running Battlefront at a 60 FPS at Ultra with a 200% resolution scale. Great card. Don’t have any problems with it. We bought it for around $400. The 1060 costs around $200-$300 . And the1050 is $100-$200 depending on if you get the Ti. But we highly recommend you get the Ti.

If your computer exceeds these requirements or meets them, then you’re good to stream. You have enough processing, graphics, and RAM to actually run your games and your stream at the same time.

Streaming takes up a lot of time and computer power and internet.

4: Streaming Software

The fourth subject is going to be streaming software.

The ones we’d recommend are OBS and XSplit. Anything else is just trash. Honestly, we wouldn’t recommend XSplit either. Honestly, we’d just recommend OBS. But you can do what you want.

Both of them work perfectly. We have no complaints about any of them. The only difference is that OBS is free and XSplit costs money.

We Recommend OBS

OBS is a great streaming software. We use OBS. If you gave us XSplit for free, we wouldn’t use it. We’d keep using OBS because it is a perfect software and it’s fine for us. It works. It streams flawlessly.

OBS also records. You can record gameplay and upload it to YouTube with OBS as well. Just make sure you find a good streaming software.

5: Be entertaining

The fifth thing you need a reason for people to watch you. When you look at popular streamers, they all have reasons why people watch them.

If you look at, for example, Lirik, or any other streamer, Lirik’s a really funny guy. He has a great personality on the screen. We don’t know his personality in real life because we don’t know him in real life.

But on stream, we do know that he’s a great guy and he’s really funny and it makes for some great viewer engagement. If you’re a funny guy, you’ll have no problem getting viewers sustaining your stream.

Also, Be Good at the Games you Play

The second one we have is, you have to be good at the games you play. We have people, basically, every League of Legends streamer who was on the top page is really good at the game. So you can be good at a game and then you can stream.

That’ll give you a lot of viewer engagement and that’ll make your viewers stay because people want to watch somebody who’s good at a game.

That’s basically all we have. The first four things we jotted down and told you guys about are essential really to start streaming. Number five is kind of just something to think about. It’s not really a thing you need. It’s kind of just something to think about.


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