What is Twitch Prime – In Depth


Why is Twitch Prime becoming a thing? What is Twitch Prime? It’s pretty much the first significant thing to come from the Amazon acquisition of Twitch back in 2014, and we would have to say it’s a pretty awesome subscription service.

It’s baked right into Amazon Prime, meaning that if you already have an Amazon Prime membership, you have a Twitch Prime membership, and if you do choose to buy a Twitch Prime membership, you will then have an Amazon Prime membership.

They’re one and the same. So, it’s definitely a lot of bang for your buck, especially if you’re a frequent user of Amazon and Twitch, like ourselves.

What are some of the features of Twitch Prime?

Why should you go out and buy this if you don’t already have it? Number one, ad-free viewing, just like people have with Twitch Turbo. Now, this is not directly phasing out Twitch Turbo, at least not yet, because Twitch Prime is only available in seven countries at the time of making this article.

Twitch Turbo is probably going to become a thing of the past. However, if you already have Turbo, your subscription is still valid. It still works. You still get all of the emotes and all of the custom colors and stuff.

In Chat Emotes

In chat, you still get all of the benefits of having that subscription if you do have that. Now, on top of that, you also get skins, characters, boost, and free games every month.

Now, the ones that are included right now with the program are bonuses for Apex Legends, which are pretty much just skins and stuff that you can use in the game to change your aesthetic, how you look within the game itself.

Game Discounts

Now, on top of all of that, you do get the Amazon Prime already existing discount, which is about 12 bucks.

If a game is coming out or if a game came out within the past two weeks that you did want to purchase, instead of it being 60 bucks, it’s 48 bucks, and of course, you get that Amazon Prime free two-day shipping.

And if you pre-order, you get the game on the day of its release, and you never really have to worry about leaving the house if that’s something that does appeal to you.

And while you’re waiting on that game to get there, you can enjoy your Twitch chat with a new badge, which does kind of show that you are a Twitch Prime subscriber and a couple of emotes, which are good for those that really do enjoy Twitch.

Subscribe to One Twitch Streamer Every Month

Now, the big thing for us is a free channel subscription to anyone of your choice that you can use month after month.

What is Twitch Subscription?

We do want to kind of break down how this works. Pretty much a subscription is something that you can give to a partnered channel that pretty much just supports that channel.

It gives the streamer, we believe, directly three dollars, and it gives Amazon/Twitch two, but that’s beside the point.

It’s a great way to show your support. You also get a couple of bonuses in chat. Now, it normally costs five bucks, but you’re getting one for free.

It’s pretty much just free money that you can choose who it goes to, and we really, really like that. But to show how it directly affects the streamer, we analyzed a Twitch streamer named NerdCubed’s.

For NerdCubed, a lot of people subbed with Twitch Prime because not a lot of people are willing to dish out five bucks every month, but if they really, really enjoy someone’s content, and they’re given the opportunity to give that person free money, chances are they’ll take it.

Now, of course, on top of all of this, you get the free two-day shipping included with Amazon Prime. You get access to Prime Video, access to Prime Music, which is pretty much Spotify and Netflix all in one.

You get tons of Kindle stuff if you’re a reader that does enjoy reading digital eBooks.

Twitch Prime is a Great Value

There is so much stuff included with Amazon Prime that now, with Twitch baked into it, it’s pretty much the only subscription, or at least the most valuable subscription, that we have right now.

It is insane how great this thing is. Now, overall, there is literally nothing bad we have to say about Twitch Prime, aside from the fact that larger channels that use sub-only mode, and they have a lot of passionate fans, that’s pretty much useless now.

The chat is crazy, especially in chats like KindaFunny and Lirik. Now, is that going to level out later on down the line whenever people start using their subs for different stuff? Probably.

But right now, the larger channels are absolutely insane, but for those who can’t afford it, you don’t necessarily need it.

You can still enjoy Twitch the same way you always have. You don’t have to have Twitch Prime. It’s just a great little perk for those that already have Amazon Prime or that wanted a little bit more out of Twitch Turbo, which brings us to our next point.

Twitch Turbo is a great launchpad for this kind of thing, but this is literally taking Twitch Turbo and turning up the volume on it and making the service what it should’ve been to begin with, and then, throwing a whole bunch of perks in there on top of it.

It’s definitely worth at least considering subscribing to Prime just because of the sheer amount of content you have access to, the perks with games, the free games per month, the perks in Twitch chat. So much stuff, you should really think about getting this. It is great.


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