What is NightBot – For Beginners


You may have wondered “What is Nightbot?”. If you’ve been watching our live streams, you might’ve seen a channel called Nightbot who seems to be online and chatting no matter what time it is.

You might’ve tried saying hi or asking it a question, but just got ignored instead.

So who is Nightbot and how did it get 900,000 subscribers without ever uploading a single video?

NightBot is a Chat Robot

As its name suggests, Nightbot is a robot. It’s actually pretty obvious, just head over to the about section on Nightbot’s channel and it gives you all the information you need to know.

But a lot of people who have never watched Twitch live streams still get confused about it.

So we’ll be going over how Nightbot works as well as giving a basic explanation on how to set it up for your own channel.

You may be wondering what the purpose of Nightbot is. Nightbot is a chatbot and it’s used to automatically send messages in the chat.

NightBot has Many Features

If you do frequent live streams, Nightbot can be useful if you can’t always be in your chat to entertain or answer your viewer’s questions.

Not only can Nightbot do these things for you, it also has other features like song requests and spam protection.

To set up Nightbot for your channel, the first thing you need to do is go to https://nightbot.tv/ . Next, click the login button at the top of the page to sign in with Twitch.

The NightBot dashboard shows statistics about your live chat. So if you want to know how many messages are being sent, who’s been sending the most messages and which commands are used the most, you can find all that information.

There’s also a section that shows the timeouts that Nightbot has given if you have spam protection enabled.

Connect NightBot to your Twitch Channel

The next step is to connect Nightbot to your Twitch channel. To do this, click the link channel button on the top right of your dashboard.

After clicking this button, a link will appear on the screen. Copy this link and go to your Twitch settings.

Once you’re there, paste the link into the moderator section of your community settings.

Nightbot must have moderator status on your channel or it cannot function. After you have done this, Nightbot is now set up on your channel and you can now begin to customize it.

We won’t be going over all of Nightbot’s features because most of them are self-explanatory, so you can better understand how they work if you mess around with them yourself.

But if you need any help getting started, you can always read Nightbot’s, help docs or ask questions on their forum.


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