Best Green Screen for Streaming


If you have a messy room or don’t the background on your facecam, a green screen is what you need. We’ve consulted video experts, and found the top 3 best green screens for streaming for almost any budget and any room size.

Elgato Green Screen

If you livestream, you need a green screen.

The Elgato green screen is super easy to set up, and it’s easy to set up in OBS. For a professional streamer or streamers trying to become professional, there is no reason for you not to have a green screen.

This green screen will clean up your background and take you to that professional level of streaming.

Cover Background

We’ve been testing the Elgato on Twitch for about six weeks, and it has dramatically increased our viewers. The focus of the viewer is now on the streamer rather than everything else in the background.

When we’re scanning and browsing through Twitch, we notice the streamers that have a green screen, because naturally, viewers focus on the person.

If the streamer we’re watching does not have a green screen, then everything else in the background takes precedence, and we forget who’s in the foreground.


Elgato Green Screen

Elgato Green Screen – Collapsible chroma key panel for background removal with auto-locking frame, wrinkle-resistant chroma-green fabric, aluminum hard case, ultra-quick setup and breakdown

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If you are not using a green screen and you’ve got a bed or laundry in your background, then you need a green screen because it will cut all of that out, so the viewer can focus on you.

Saves Space

At the base of the Elgato green screen, there are these feet that twist out and twist in to put it away. The stands ensure the green screen has a small footprint in your room.

To set up the green screen, you need to twist the feet out. The only other thing you need to do is open the lid on the top of the green screen case. The cover ensures no dirt gets in the case.

After removing the lid, you pull the green screen using the handle, and the Elgato will automatically set itself up. The process is very automated and easy to do quickly.

Light Material

At the back you’ll see a mechanism that holds the green screen up, it has an aluminum frame, so it makes it super light, but at the same time super sturdy.

The center aluminum frame of the Elgato expands out, and contracts as the green screen is pulled up or pushed down. The joints are smooth, and we think this will last for a very long time.

Upgrade Live Stream Setup

It is very well put together- and it is super easy to set up, we’re a little amazed at how easy it is to set up and how much it will change our whole streaming setup and make it look that much better.

To put the green screen away, all you have to do is grab the top push it down and let it slide in close. You don’t have to apply much force to the Elgato, as the hinges are springed.

Overall, it’s incredibly easy to put up the green screen and put the green screen down, and the mechanism of the green screen is ultra-smooth. The green screen is also lightweight so that it can be moved easily.

Looks Great During Streaming

During streaming, the green screen looks very sharp. Without the green screen, the stream seems very messy and not very professional. We prefer the stream with the green screen because it looks much cleaner.

There are two essential things we need to mention. First is the camera that you’re using. The second is the clothing you wear during streaming. These two things are the only things you have to worry about.

Let’s start with the camera first, we’re using a Logitech webcam, and it has quite a wide field of view, which means our green screen needs to be extremely close to the streamer.

In our setup, if the streamer turns just a little bit and puts their hand out: they can touch the green screen. It is incredibly close to us so that if we have to move, we need to shimmy to get past the chair and the green screen.

The other thing we need to talk about is color. You need to be mindful of the color that you wear when you have a green screen. We would not advise wearing the color green; you’ll fit right into the background.

High Quality Fabric

As with all green screens, in OBS you’ll have to fiddle with chroma key settings a little bit to get perfect blending. The Elgato is made from high-quality material, so you’ll get good coverage.

As you probably know, there is quite a big difference between having a green screen and not having the green screen and, to be honest, we much prefer having the green screen.

A stream with a green screen makes things look so much nicer and so much neater and just so much more professional. If you’re starting as a streamer, then the Elgato green screen is the best choice for you.

Emart Green Screen Kit

The green screen kit comes with four poles rubber-banded together, and you pretty much connect them one by one. With the poles, you’ll make two tall stands, and join the top with a pole.

And then you will take the huge green screen and drape it over the top pole. The green screen is also large enough to cover the floor so that you can have full body shots.

One thing we’d like to mention is never to wear shoes on the green screen. Your shoes will get the green screen completely dirty, and the chroma key will not work once you get dirt on it.

If you must walk on the green screen, wear clean socks, clean feet, clean slippers, but do not step on this with dirty feet.

The green screen mostly covers the whole body. The dimensions are 6 feet by 9 feet, but much of the verticle portion of the green screen is on the ground.


Emart Green Screen

Emart Photography Backdrop Continuous Umbrella Studio Lighting Kit, Muslin Chromakey Green Screen and Background Stand Support System for Photo Video Shoot

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You have about 5 feet by 5 feet of hanging green screen you can use during streaming. For most streaming setups, this will be more than enough room.

The included lighting in this green screen kit comes as these two light bulbs that screw into an included light socket.

Includes Lights

The Emart green screen kit also has two umbrellas: and the giant fluorescent light bulbs are 500 watts and daylight balanced to 5500 Kelvin.

You can plug both of the included lights into the same outlet. So you can set up these lights in the same room as your streaming set up. The low power requirements make these lights easy to use during streaming.

The included light stands are double risers, they go pretty high, and they open like a regular baby stand. You pull out the legs, and then you drop it down, and then you can use the stand with your green screen.

One thing we would like to note is that the lights are very heavily diffused because of the umbrella. Unfortunately, there is no lens, so the lights are not focusable.

The included light umbrellas are giant and open-faced, so in your streaming room, there will be white light everywhere bouncing off of the ceiling, and bouncing off the walls.

When using a green screen, it’s essential to have even lighting, so the included lighting in this Emart kit does achieve that even lighting, although the exact lighting will depend on your streaming set up.

Overall the lights create an excellent feel in your room. There is exploding light everywhere, which is not a terrible thing. We’re very impressed with the included lighting.

Need to Stretch

There is an issue we found: there is no way of keeping the green screen under tension. Green screens need to be under stress so that there are no shadows cast that can mess up chroma key.

We resorted to using water bottles and placing them on the corners to keep the green screen tight and under tension. Again, it is essential to keep a green screen tight so that OBS can do chroma key well.

The included stands do seem a little thin, and we’re worried about them breaking. On the other hand, the stands are very lightweight and easy to move.

Everything else seems to be of decent quality; the lights, the umbrellas, the actual fabric of the green screen is made out of what appears to be satisfactory quality.

Green Screen Kit

Once everything in the kit is set up, the green screen kit seems sturdy enough, but each piece alone feels a little cheap. This kit should be more than enough for streamers starting in Twitch.

We wish the entire structure of the green screen were more sturdy. If you’re a clumsy streamer, you may knock everything over and mess up your computer.

Overall, this entire kit is excellent for new Twitch streamers. The green screen kit comes with everything you’ll need, from high-quality lighting, stands, and the green screen itself.

One thing that we do suggest is buying number two clamps; they’re basically like giant clothespins, you can get them at any hardware.

You should take those number two clamps and attach them to the edges of the green screen. The clamps will remove any wrinkles in the green screen and make you look more professional on stream.

Webaround Portable Green Screen

The original WebAround was a blue circular disc that fit on the back of your chair, and it was something that we were using to do chroma key during Twitch streaming.

Overall, the blue WebAround worked great, but blue is a standard color, and that restricted what we could wear during streaming. Generally speaking, you want your chroma key color to be unique.

The new green screen WebAround works a little bit better, and it has to do with the way the light reflects off of the green disc.

Since green is a little bit of a lighter color, the green screen doesn’t go as dark in darker lighting, which means the green screen effect shows up well when you’re streaming on a platform like Twitch.

The bright color of the WebAround is especially useful for streamers that don’t have the best lighting, as is the case with most new Twitch streamers.


Webaround Portable

Webaround Portable Webcam Background, 56″ (Chroma Key Green)

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The green WebAround is larger than it looks in its pictures, it’s big enough to cover most of your background, while also giving you enough room to move around.

We used the WebAround while streaming, we found it did not crop out too much of our frame, and the firmness of the green screen material ensured that there were no shadows on it.

The WebAround is the most budget-friendly option for streamers that don’t want to spend too much money. One drawback is that you will need to have a gaming chair that can equip it.

For Small Room

If a portable green screen is something that you’re looking for, or you don’t have a lot of room as we do and you want something you can pull out and pop on your chair and use it to stream on Twitch, the WebAround is ideal.

One suggestion that we can give for this green screen is to also have a taller rectangular one that is in a different color. A rectangular green screen would offer more room to move around.

During streaming the WebAround green screen chroma keys exceptionally well. We have some decent lighting, but not professional by any means. The gameplay during streaming displays sharply behind us, without grain.

One problem we found is if you turn your chair a certain way, the green screen effect will get undone, and the viewer will see your background. One thing you have to be aware of is how much you swivel your chair.

The main problem is that the WebAround green screen is circular, and twisting your chair causes significant distortion. A rectangular, chair green screen would not have this problem.

When you do your green screen cropping correctly in OBS, you can get rid of the edges 98% of the time, but if you’re playing a game, you may still unknowingly swivel your chair a little bit.

Overall, the WebAround green screen is built with high-quality materials; the green screen material is exceptionally easy to chroma key in OBS because it doesn’t cast any shadows.

Cheap Green Screen

The WebAround is also the cheapest option out of all the green screens we’ve seen. So if you don’t want to invest too much into your streaming set up, giving this green screen a try is a good idea.

One more special thing about the WebAround is that you don’t need particularly good lighting, as the total green screen surface area is quite small and highly reflective.

The WebAround is a high-quality green screen that’s also budget-friendly. It’s easy to use for streamers with no experience with green screens and delivers professional quality chroma key.


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