Best Budget Webcam for Twitch Streaming


A facecam is essential for Twitch streams, your audience needs to see you to become a fan. Fortunately, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a high-quality webcam. We’ve analyzed the web and found the top 4 best budget webcams for twitch streaming.

Logitech HD Webcam C310

Just a quick refresher, a facecam is when you have a webcam shot of your face, live overtop your gameplay, usually on the top, but it can also be on the right or left-hand corner.

Budget Option

We’ve been trying to take a look at cheaper options for webcams to see what you can get away with to produce quality streams, and we’re happy to say that the C310 is one of the best budget webcams.

The Logitech C310 streams at 720p 30 frames per second. Video does work with OBS, Logitech webcam software, and just about any third-party software, including the XSplit.

Typically, if you look at some successful twitch streamers, and you look at what gear they have, they use a webcam pretty much across the board.

In the box, you get the webcam and the user manual. It has about a three to four foot USB 2.0 Cable, and then it has a monitor mount clamp system.


Logitech HD Webcam C310

Logitech HD Webcam C310

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The C310 doesn’t have the best monitor mounting system. It’s not anywhere near as adjustable or conforming to your monitor as say: the C920, but it’ll get the job done for a primary monitor.

It also does not have a tripod screw mount like other webcams.

Physically, it does not feel very high build quality; it’s made of cheap plastic.

The Logitech webcam does have one mono microphone, your standard tiny little lens for 720p video and an LED indicator to indicate when the webcam is active.

Live Stream Quality

For a few of our live streams, which are produced at either 1080p 60 or 4k 60, we used this 720p webcam to stream some live commentary and post commentary and used it as a facecam, and it looked pretty good.

If you do a raw video to video comparison with this to something like the C920 or a DSLR, it’s not going to look anywhere near as enjoyable.

A webcam will never look as good as a professional camera and at 720p isn’t going to look as good as 1080p.

But the quality of the C310 is not that bad since we’re looking at a tiny little 100-pixel size facecam in the right-hand side, or corner of your gameplay with your gameplay being the focus, and with that setup, it looks solid.

High-End Webcam Features

There are some characteristics about this webcam compared to the higher-end webcams that actually may make this a better candidate in terms of streaming.

The tighter field of view makes this a better option as a facecam. The webcam gives a super close up view of your face and only really your face, and that looks good for putting over your gameplay.

The C310 wouldn’t be great for a green screen because of the image noise, the pixelization, the lower quality as a whole, and because of that tight field of view.

You would look pretty awkward green-screened out through this webcam, but if you wanted to start with it, there’s not necessarily anything wrong with that.

Logitech Build Quality

Logitech’s C310 doesn’t feature any of the fancy white light, or other Logitech software features as the more expensive webcams do.

This webcam has to be more flexible with where you put in the USB cable. The USB cable for us is too short for our streaming environment, but for standard computer users, this shouldn’t be too big of a problem.

If you want to set up a full-screen webcam shot so that you can do the occasional scene with just you in the frame, then this webcam wouldn’t look bad because it is a 720p.

The C310 is an excellent budget webcam for entry-level twitch streamers. Although the video feed quality is not exceptional, it works perfectly as a facecam.

Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

What makes this streaming webcam unique is it has a stereo microphone. It also features full HD, and that’s 1080p. It also has autofocus so that it can do face tracking and all that for a budget price.

Our first impression is this: it has a nice weight to it, it feels very sturdy and well built also looks cool. The face of the webcam is all glass, so the lens is well protected from damage.

Built-In Dual Microphones

You also have the microphones on each side, and that’s going to give you stereo audio quality, and there’s a subtle little Logitech logo with the HD 1080p right there.

One the back is where the cable comes out, so that’s perfect for mounting it to a monitor or a laptop or anything like that, the mount opens up, and the lip is hooked on the front of the monitor.


Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920, Widescreen Video Calling and Recording, 1080p Camera, Desktop or Laptop Webcam

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The weight of the mounting hinge will firmly stick to your monitor or your laptop, and then you can adjust the angle of the webcam. It only goes up and down.

The surface of the mount is entirely rubber, that’s going to add some grip, there also some rubber on the bottom, which will add some grip to the back of the monitor as well.

You can also angle up the rubber grip on the back of the webcam to make it fit different, shapes and areas of a monitor or screen. It also has a standard tripod mount on the bottom so that you can put this on the top of a tripod.

Overall the webcam will fit well anywhere, and the cable is also 5 feet long, so you’re not going to have any problems getting this mounted and plugged into your computer.

USB Powered

The webcam cable is a standard USB, so that’s going to be compatible with Windows computers or Mac.

When we moved the C920 during streaming, it does a great job of actually picking that up; there’s no blurring or anything from the movement.

The autofocus on the C920 works very well. If we put our hand up to it, the autofocus quickly adapts and puts our hand into focus. As we move the camera, it will try to figure it out, and it’ll get focus pretty quickly.

Activity Light

Another thing we want to point out is the cool blue LED lights that are on the c920. The light is noticeable, so you know when your webcam is one while you’re streaming.

Overall we’re impressed with this product; we especially like the budget webcam price range. You get the full HD capability, along with the stereo microphone and it’s effortless to install to your computer.

It’s also compatible with Mac and Windows, so no compatibility problems with the two leading computer platforms.

The c920 does look a lot better with its full HD capabilities, and it also does a great job with movement and autofocus. So as you move your hands or get closer or farther away from the camera, it’s going to autofocus.

Another thing we liked is it’s straightforward to mount. It can also fit huge monitors, and it can be attached to a tripod, we think that adds a lot of versatility to it.

One area that we’re a little bit disappointed in was the stereo microphones; we thought that the quality could be a lot better.

Overall, the C920 is a reliable budget webcam for streaming. It provides high-quality features like 1080p HD for an affordable price.

Logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam

Logitech recently released the follow up to their incredibly popular C920 webcam called the C922. This budget webcam is designed explicitly for twitch streamers.

The reason this webcam is in our budget list is that it offers two things for the price of one, specifically 720P at 60 FPS and automatic background removal aka green screen.

First of all, you have a webcam that streams at 1080P at 30 FPS and 720P at 60 FPS, and both use H264 compression.

Another Flagship feature is the automatic background removal, which uses Personify software to separate you from the background through image analysis. So you don’t necessarily need to get a green screen.

Cheap Material

This does feel like a quality product. It’s mostly plastic, but it still feels sturdy and all the hinges and joints moving very smoothly. And there are three different hinges on it for adjustment,


Logitech C922x Pro Stream

Logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam – Full 1080p HD Camera – Background Replacement Technology for YouTube or Twitch Streaming

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One to tilt the camera up and down, one on the body to latch it onto your monitor and a third segment that allows you to adjust the angle of the bottom section to fit flush with your monitor.

There’s also a screw mount on the bottom in case you wanted to mount it to a tripod.

The video quality is arguably the most crucial part. We found the video quality to be quite excellent, especially for a webcam. At 1080p it’s surprisingly sharp and has very little noise in normal lighting conditions.

The video looks especially good if you turn up the sharpness a little bit higher than what comes default. Even in sub-optimal lighting conditions, we found the noise to be almost unnoticeable.

Also, unlike its predecessor, this webcam seems to be able to hold a constant 30fps easily. Now at 720p things get a little bit interesting. The 60fps is nice, but there are a couple of things we noticed about the video.

At 60 FPS the video appears to be much less sharp but not just as a consequence of the lower resolution. Everything looks much more smooth with a lot less detail, and this only happens at 720p and only when 60fps is enabled not when it’s at 30fps.

If we had to guess, it appears like the camera is applying an extreme noise reduction at 720p 60fps.

Image Noise

This would make sense because at 60fps it means that half the shutter speed, therefore, getting half the amount of light into the camera, which means there would be double the amount of image noise usually.

The point of noise reduction filters in any camera is to reduce the image noise at the cost of detail, and that’s what appears to be happening here.

However, we found no way to remove this effect even in excellent lighting and cranking up the sharpness doesn’t do anything in this case because the detail is already gone.

We appreciate the noise reduction, but we think it’s unfortunate not to be able to disable it, especially in cases where we can provide adequate lighting.

We think the noise reduction effect looks worse than what the noise would be, which undermines the video quality at 60fps.

Adjustable Framerate

Now besides all that, another exciting thing we found about this webcam is it’s not just limited to 1080p it does 2503 x 1536 resolution although at a reduced framerate.

The C922 also offers a lot of customizability in the image settings, it includes standard configurations such as brightness contrast and sharpness, but unlike most webcams, it does allow for manual focus.

The webcam does have a setting called low-light compensation, which will lower the frame rate if it needs to properly expose the image, so keep that in mind if you’re using 720p at 60 FPS you might want to disable that.

Automatic background removal uses software called personify, which analyzes the image and uses contrast and recognizing shapes to separate you from the background.

We got a lot of mixed results with this; if you have a hectic and messy background, it’s going to have a lot of trouble. We found it often cutting off the arms, especially if they were moving in front of the webcam.

Automatic background removal also tends to insert a lot of stationery stuff from the background and think it’s part of you.

However, in front of a more simple background, it is significantly improved. It’s still not great, it keeps cutting off part of the head for example, but at least it can outline the general shape of the body.

Works with Live Stream Software

We should also note that this feature only works at 720p and below, but the nice thing about the personify software is it outputs the processed video to a virtual video device so you can use it with any software right out-of-the-box like OBS and Xsplit.

Our main issue with this background removal is the edges look jaggy, they don’t look perfect, although it does appear to have better anti-aliasing.

We would like to see Logitech add a feature that allows us to adjust the mask settings; for example, we can change how the edges look.

The background removal is a nice feature to have but it still just looks like an awful green screen, so we think you’re better off only using a regular square webcam view.

Let’s quickly go over the microphone which as you would expect from a webcam it’s not very good it’s not horrible if you have nothing else, it sounds pretty good, and we’re not too much background noise.

But if you want proper audio you’re going to have to go with an external microphone.

We should mention that there are two options for when you go to buy this webcam, there’s the C922 to and the C922x, it’s the same webcam they just come with different things in the box.

The C922 includes the webcam, a three-month xsplit premium license, and a mini tripod, where’s the C922x does not include the mini tripod, but rather includes a six-month xsplit premium license.

Overall, we’re delighted with this webcam, and we have very few negative things to say about it. Most importantly the video quality is excellent even in relatively low light, and it’s crystal clear, especially if you bump up the sharpness.

60 Frames Per Second

The 60fps frame rate at 720p is a useful feature if that’s something you’re looking for. The background removal is helpful, but in our opinion, it’s not that good, and that feature alone isn’t enough to justify the purchase of the camera, it works only if you have the ideal conditions to support it such as a blank wall behind you.

We think that the main thing that needs to be improved is the apparent noise reduction filter they apply at 60fps, it’s too strong and destroys the sharpness in the video, and makes the video look very strange.

Although this webcam is on the pricier end of our budget, we think it offers the best-bang-for-your-buck if you need a green screen and a webcam for twitch streaming.

Logitech HD Laptop Webcam C615

The C615 budget webcam has excellent build quality that is comparable to professional webcams, but it lacks with a smaller megapixel photo resolution.

The webcam comes with a three-foot USB extension cable, which is an excellent accessory just in case your desktop is farther away from your computer then the primary USB cable on the webcam can reach.

8 Megapixels

This webcam has a straightforward and sleek design, with a black finish, it has an 8-megapixel camera behind a premium glass lens on the front.

The Logitech has a gray ring around the lens that displays blue LEDs. The LED gives information about when the webcam is on or when it’s autofocusing by simply blinking.

It sits on a computer with a folded out rubberized stand, and fits perfectly on almost all desktops, due to its varying angle stand. The stand is made out of high-grade plastics and rubberized grips.


Logitech HD Laptop Webcam C615

Logitech HD Laptop Webcam C615 with Fold-and-Go Design, 360-Degree Swivel, 1080p Camera

Buy from Amazon

The actual webcam also has varying angles, rotating a full 360 degrees, If necessary. It also has a nice weight to it, so it won’t fall off after a little bit of shaking, and the rubberized grips also help with that sturdiness.

The actual weight is eight ounces, so it’s has a reasonably decent weight.

The webcam shoots with eight megapixels, and it’s able to capture video up to 1080p, although it’s best with 720p, it uses what Logitech calls premium autofocus.

The focus is always present, getting very close and pretty far away in some cases, but it’s still consistent and very smooth. We’ve had no problems with the autofocus at all, and we’re quite pleased with it.

Color Correction Needed

Now the video quality is HD, although for us it comes off with a peculiar tint, we don’t know if it’s the light in our room. With simple color correction, the video feed looks just fine.

The second most important thing with a webcam is the microphone and sound quality. The C615 has built-in dual microphones, so you do not need to worry about having external microphones.

It sounds pretty good for a webcam microphone. Now, of course, there’s going to be better, more expensive external microphones that you can buy, but for the budget price of this webcam, it has decent sound quality.

On stream we can tell the colored tint is a little bit different, maybe because our computer is on and the light is shining on our faces. If you’re streaming with this, you will want some live color correction.

Logitech claims the C615 has automatic noise reduction, although, if we didn’t read that information, we probably would have never guessed with this built-in microphone.

This webcam also features a portable fold and go tripod design. There’s a quarter-inch screw on the back behind a flap of plastic. So, potentially you could use this webcam on a tripod, although we don’t see that happening.

Another massive positive and a unique feature for this webcam that is exclusive among Logitech webcams is its compatibility with OS 10. All Logitech webcams work with PC, but do not work with a Mac and the C615 breaks this mold and works with both.

The software that comes with this webcam is an elementary program that has a switch for photos or videos. Logitech’s included software displays the view, so you can see what the webcam is seeing.

We do wish Logitech added some controls for light exposure and ISO or white balance, but we don’t think that’s technically possible with this webcams hardware.

Works with OBS

The C615 works perfectly fine with photobooth and FaceTime. Both Mac applications, as well as OBS. We’ve had no problem whatsoever with any of these applications.

Although a side note, you can’t run the Logitech webcam on two different applications, it can only be run on one application at a time.

Overall, we rate the Logitech C615 webcam, a four out of five. It has excellent build quality that provides excellent video and sound quality with smooth autofocusing, but it does have a small eight-megapixel photo resolution compared to more professional webcams.

We do recommend this webcam for all of you streamers out there; it has a lot of professional features, but with a budget price.


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