How to Use DSLR Camera as Webcam OBS

dslr lens

A lot of live-streaming and recording is usually done with a webcam aimed at you.

And it’s likely that you’re here because, at some point or another, you’ve come to realize that your webcam is really not showing your best side to the internet.

As you probably already know, a DSLR camera provides far better quality than a webcam.

In many ways, DSLRs make for much better webcams than actual webcams.

dslr webcam

They automatically blur out the background, and the color balance tends to be far better and gives you a far more flattering complexion.

It would be awesome if you could use your DSLR camera as a webcam, guess what, you can.

Odds are that, as a modern internet and PC user, you’ve also come across Open Broadcaster Software at some point.


This freeware program has made a serious splash in the modern online world.

OBS provides a free and easy means to record and stream gameplay and other PC-based activity to platforms like Twitch.

And in a day and age where live-streaming and Let’s Plays are among the hottest things on the internet, well, it’s pretty easy to see why there’s folks across the world who love OBS.

Fortunately, as it turns out, you can now use a DSLR as your webcam in OBS. And here, we’re going to give you a little tutorial as to how.

Connect Camera to PC

You’ll want to start out, obviously, with a DSLR camera and a copy of OBS, as well as a USB cable to connect your camera to your PC.

dslr usb computer

In addition, you’ll want to download a copy of another freeware program, digiCamControl.

OBS has no real way to directly “talk” to your camera, and this program makes it a great deal easier to view your camera’s feed and adjust it as necessary.

Open the new digiCameControl, while your DSLR is plugged into your pc, and click the LV or Live View Button on the top left.

dslr obs

A window will pop up and you should be seeing your DSLR camera view now. Click the fullscreen button a couple times to make the controls go away.

Now we’re going to go to OBS, we’ll be basically capturing this popped out window in OBS.

You’ll want to open up OBS, move to the “Sources” box near the bottom of the screen, and click the plus sign below it.

Window Capture Preview

Select “Window Capture”, and pick the live view of the DSLR camera feed (oh, and deselect the “Capture Cursor” box).

obs dslr window capture

Then, from there, you’ll be able to edit the DSLR feed – ensure that it is selected in the “Sources” box, and you’ll be able to tweak it all you need.

It can be easily resized, or cropped by holding the Alt key.

The facecam feed needs to be placed in a manner that makes your presence clear, but which doesn’t obscure the screen.

Depending on what game you’re recording or streaming, can potentially be tricky.

And that’s it. Yup, it’s really as simple as that.

From there, you’d simply bring up whatever game you’re looking to record, add it to the Sources, tweak it as necessary…well, if you’ve had any experience with streaming and whatnot, you likely don’t need to be told the ins and outs of OBS.

By following these instructions, you’ll have drastically upgraded the quality of your facecam feed for your next recording or stream – which is just what both you and your viewers deserve.


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