How much internet data does streaming on twitch use – not a lot

twitch data usage

With new data caps in the United States, it’s important to know how much data you’re using while streaming. Below is a handy chart that can help you see how much internet data is used to stream on Twitch.

It shows how much internet data you use in 1 hours of twitch streaming.

Resolution Bitrate (kb/s) Internet Data used Per Hour
240p 500 0.225GB
360p 600-800 0.27GB – 0.36GB
480p 900-1200 0.405GB – 0.54GB
720p 1800-2500 0.81GB – 1.125GB
1080p 3000-3500 1.35GB – 1.575GB

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FPS does not play a major role in how much data is used to stream on twitch, instead the bitrate that you are streaming at has plays the biggest role.

The resolution of your stream also doesn’t’ matter because when it comes to streaming you are uploading a package of data at a certain rate.

Speed on twitch is measured in Kilobits per seconds, but on sites like , you upload speed is measured in Megabits per second.

We converted Twitch’s kilobits per second to megabits per second and then we converted that to MegaBytes per second to gigabytes, then we multiplied the gigabytes by 3600, or for every second in an hour, we eventually came up with an approximation of how much internet data is used in 1 hour of streaming.

Data used Streaming on Twitch is not the only factor

There are some more things you should consider if you’re trying to stay under your internet data cap.

One thing to consider is how much data is used when you’re playing a multiplayer game.

Or maybe you’re watching a preview of your stream on another monitor.

If you’re looking at the comments from your twitch stream, you should also consider those.

Calculated with regular stream time

If you stream for about 4 hours at 1080p, then you would go through about 6 Gigabytes of data.

The hit to your internet data cap from streaming is actually not that big, if you manage it correctly.

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  1. I stream at 720p but i have my bit rate only on 1000 because i have a capped line and dont want to finish the cap

    How much would i use if i broadcast my stream for an hour?


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